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Events are an opportunity to discover wonderful places in the most beautiful country in the world and be a valuable ally to the most important marketing that Italy must tackle – the marketing of its territory, monuments, and history.

Enjoy the article here below published in the magazine “Roma, the Eternal City


Every era dreams the one to follow, wrote Walter Benjamin. It is as if the future were a stratification, more than a journey: we do not go from the present toward the future, but we see the future that awaits us growing above history and above the present. The future is, therefore, something that overlaps our history, rather than a movement from the past to the present. In Italy and in Rome, in particular, it can be no other way.

The history of the eternal city cannot, and must not, be forgotten, but must be constantly brought into the present so that it can represent what we are today, and in order to recount it in an engaging way to younger audiences as well. In this geography of emotions, events play a fundamental role, as do unique and unrepeatable occasions devoted to a celebration, private or public, institutional or commercial.

Today events become a valuable ally for the most important marketing that Italy must tackle, the marketing of the territory, its monuments, and its history. Events are not only a valuable resource for providing for the expensive upkeep but become an opportunity to discover the wonderful places in the most beautiful country in the world in a new light.

It is a way to introduce them to a different public, a young international public, combining a playful moment with an experience set in beauty and history. One of the few companies which produce events of this kind is PalazziGas. Starting from Rome and its beauty, it has been able to export its idea of beauty out into the world. This applies to the event at Castel Sant’Angelo, where the agency created an immersive experience in the best of Italian culture, art, and musical tradition. Guests were invited to experience the exclusive areas of the castle, with extras dressed following a Tosca theme, and then dine in the passageway, ending the evening by watching the third act of the opera by Puccini. Or the dinner show in the gardens of Villa Borghese, with a patio for Andrea Bocelli’s concert and an exciting tour through the Galleria Borghese. Again, the harmonizing of the best that the Italy of yesterday and today can offer to the world. For PalazziGas, organizing an event at Castel Sant’Angelo, at the Galleria Borghese or on the Terrazza del Pincio is not only an opportunity to let audiences live a dream but also a “restitution”. It is a way to reciprocate the beauty and magic that are easy to know and love when one is lucky enough to live in this city.


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