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What is the meaning of “Made in Italy” for PalazziGas?What is the secret to being always able to surprise?
Giampaolo Rossi, CEO of PalazziGas Events, explains it in this article published in the magazine “Roma, the Eternal City

What does organizing Made in Italy events mean?

Years ago we thought Made in Italy would have quickly become a worn-out concept. But as time went by we realized that Made in Italy really is successful and internationally it has achieved recognized high added value. Our craftsmanship and tailor-made creations, combined with culture and obsession with quality and details make us stand out from the crowd. That’s why today it makes more sense to talk about Made by Italians.

Which location would you like to add to your portfolio?

We’ve got our hearts set on a dream… and maybe the time is now ripe to make it come true: the Colosseum. What is the secret to being always able to surprise?
Study. Work. And keep on studying. We are craftsmen of ephemerality, our creations last one night, but hundreds of people are involved in their production. Such as the gala dinner for a famous Italian fashion house on the Pincio terrace: 210 workers and 240 hours of preparation.

The world of event design is huge. Which type do you prefer?

Immersive experiences are our ‘jewel in the crown’. Not long ago we produced an event at Castel Sant’Angelo. The guests visited the monument surrounded by actors performing Puccini’s Tosca. Finally, the dinner on the Passetto, the passage that links Castel Sant’Angelo to the Vatican City, offered a breathtaking view over the city.

What is your motto?

We make things happen.


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