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What is the event planning recipe to be unique? How is possible to remain up-to-date with the event industry?
Simone Casiglia, General Manager of PalazziGas Events, explains it in this article published in the magazine “Night and Day” 


Simone, tell us about yourself and your company…

Well, I do not like to talk much about myself, I always prefer to let others define me and tell more about me. I am a dreamer and like all dreamers I always put something that I like to dream about into what I do, trying to make my dreams and the dreams of my clients, friends, and people around me a reality to live every day.

I am the director of our creative team and the exposure to such environments furthers my creative thinking and development in staying on top and ahead of trends. I am also a perfectionist and, as the general manager of PalazziGas, I guarantee clients’ satisfaction by maintaining the highest quality standards.

What are the greatest strengths of your business?

Details! The very first distinctive sign of our work is that. We have maniac attention for every single detail. We seek perfection in the productions and scenographies as well as in the service, staff, technology, in the banalest mise en place and up to the artistic contents. Everything is part of a creative concept that makes our productions unique and unrepeatable, with the goal of always giving all guests an indelible emotion. We create private and corporate events. Our prerogative is to develop an identity of the event itself, a signature that marks every detail, from the development of the creative project, the show, up to the last note that accompanies guests at the end. It is important to hit the right mood during an event, we really listen to our clients, and in the overall visual/ production development, we always consider what emotional impact clients and guests should have.

What is the event planning recipe to be as unique as you are?

I like to think we are a sort of craftsmen of emotions. Like a dressmaker, we create tailor-made events, sewn on the client’s desires. I’m pretty sure that our craftsmanship and tailor-made creations, combined with culture and obsession with quality and details make us stand out from the crowd. Our creations last only one night but create something unforgettable. The “wow effect” is the result of hard work. It’s necessary to harmonize innovation and creative style with experience, knowledge along with the capacity of problem-solving in order to get it.

How do you remain up-to-date with the event industry?

I follow a lot of all that happens in my professional world. I participate in lots of events from the simplest (that sometimes gives great emotions) to the most important productions. I always try to take inspiration from the things I see and the emotions I feel to turn them into something more original for the event that I organize.
My work is contaminated by all possible forms of art, so you just simply need to love them and follow them to keep up with the times.

Describe your company in a few words.

I can use our motto, that is actually our claim “We make things happen”.

Which is the event that you have not yet organized and that you would love to design?

I don’t have a specific event. There are many different things I still would like to design and produce, but as Romans, we’ve got our hearts set on a dream… and maybe the time is now ripe to make it come true: organize an event into the Colosseum.

Are you going to open a branch here in Ibiza?

We are working already on this amazing island. How couldn’t we? It’s THE PLACE TO BE if you are dealing with entertainment, fun, magic and most of all if you want to lead the way. We can easily manage our international productions from our headquarter in Rome, but I am ready to open a branch here if needed.

Are you more of a Night or Day?

I am 24/7!



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